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Dark malt extract 1.5 Kg

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Data sheet

Extractivity % 100%
Color EBC (Lov) 45
Forma Liquid
quantity 1.5Kg
Beer styles Dark ales

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Liquid malt extract dark 55 EBC
Highly concentrated (80%) liquid, unhopped extract of barley malt. For extract brewing and mini-mash-method. Can also be used as a replacement for malt (use 75 % of the specified quantity) or as a replacement for sugar (replace 50 - 100 % of the sugar by 125 % malt extract).

What is malt extract?
Malt extract is, as the word suggests, an extract of malt. The mashing has already been done for you. If you brew beer with malt extract, you no longer have to do the mashing yourself - simply boil the wort. This is a way of brewing employed by many homebrewers in America (the so-called mini mash method). However, you do have to take into account that 1 kilo of barley malt does not contain as much sugar as 1 kilo malt extract. Malt extract powder is hygroscopic (attracts moisture) so it needs to be kept in a cool and, above all, dry place. Packs that have been opened should be resealed with as little air as possible in the pack.

Malt extract is also widely used to make a yeast starter: dissolve 100 g malt extract powder in 800 ml water. Boil for 5 minutes, then allow to cool to 20-25 °C, pour into a sterile erlenmeyer flask/bottle with airlock and add the yeast.

  • 1 kg malt extract powder = 1.60 kg malt
  • 1 kg barley malt = 0.62 kg malt extract powder
  • 1 kg liquid malt extract = 0.80 kg malt extract powder
  • 1 kg liquid malt extract = 1.30 kg malt