FermZilla Starter Kit - 35 L

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%MCEPASTEBIN%FermZilla, 35 liter Starter Kit. Incl. Yeast tank in clear PET plastic, stainless steel frame, large Butterfly valve, lid and yeast tube, yeast collector. Withstands pressures up to 2.4 Bar / 35 PSI.

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141,00 € VAT incl.

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Dawn of a New Age in Home Brewing

FermZilla revolutionary design simplifies the home brewing
process and minimizes the risks of infection and oxidation.
Finally, you can brew your beer and dispense directly to bottles or drink it as draft beer – without touching the beer.
You can carbonate your beer naturally in the FermZilla, or at your desired pressure with the
optional pressure kit and the additional pressure release valve with gauge.
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