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top product

Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator - Pin Actuator / Piercer

A CO2 regulator is a device designed to regulate the flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the brewing process for the production of beer or other carbonated beverages. It can be fed from a 16g CO2 canister or from a SodaStream canister. The regulator allows control of the pressure of the outgoing CO2, ensuring more accurate dosing. With the 16g dispenser it can be compact and mobile and with the SodaStream balloon it can become a longer lasting solution. The regulator gives brewers convenience and control, ensuring the optimum amount of CO2 for production.

Price: €90.00

8L Oxebar Mono Polymer Ball Lock Keg Kit

This great value re-usable plastic keg is the best way to store your home brew in a smaller sized container than traditional 19L corny kegs. The small 8liter size is convenient, light weight and perfect for sharing beverages with friends.

Price: €24.59

FermZilla "Hop Bong" (Swedish Pumper)

"It's not how big it is. It's how you use it"

Named purely on its looks and not its function. The Hop Bong is a versatile pressurizable tri-clover accessory, capable of not only dry hopping oxygen purged hops into fermenters. But also as an inline carbonation/oxygenation accessory.

Capacity in Hop Pellets
150g to 180g

Price: €119.95
Oxygen Meter

Oxygen Meter

Milwaukee MW605 MAX Waterproof Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Meter With Automatic Calibration

Price: €685.00

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